Baby Name Necklace

Baby Name Necklace

The most wonderful thing in the world is having a baby and people always say baby is the best gift from god. There millions of gifts you can pick for a newborn mother, but in my opinion, baby name necklace is the most thoughtful gift for a newborn mother. Having a newborn baby is a very proud and happy thing for women, they are very willing to tell the whole world that they got a baby. With the baby’s name on the chest near her heart can make a newborn mom feel that her baby is with her all the time.

Baby Name Necklace--Baby Feet Engraved Necklace

Baby Name Necklace

The designer of this customized necklace wanted to make her wife feel that her baby is always on her chest so he found us and ask us to inscribe his son’s name and birth date on each of the foot for his wife. When his wife saw this, she totally cried. You can even take a photo of your baby’s feet then send to a custom necklace online seller to turn it into a necklace for you, if you want.

Baby Name Necklace--Bar Engraved Necklace

 Baby Name Necklace

Compared to the previous one, this is more fashion and you can engrave a short sentence behind the necklace. “I love you”, “Good Luck” and “My angel”, these are sentences used most on the back side.

Baby Name Necklace--Baby Feet Infinity Necklace

 Baby Name Necklace

This nameplate necklace represents the infinity mother’s love for the baby. Mother’s love is the greatest love in the world because it is selfless and unlimited, a mother will never stop her love for her baby and never ask for return.

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