Children’s Initial Necklace For Mom

Children’s Initial Necklace For Mom

The most wonderful thing in the world is being a mom. A mom will give all her love to the baby. Children’s initial necklace for mom is really a good gift idea. It would be very sweet to carry her baby’s name on her chest near her heart.

Children’s Initial Necklace For Mom—Baby Feet Name Necklace

children's initial necklace for mom

This is a very cute initial necklace which is suitable for all occasions. You can engrave the baby’s name and a small pattern on one foot and the date of the baby’s birth on the other foot. If the mom you want to give this as a gift has twins, you can engrave their names on each foot and birth date on the reverse.

Children’s Initial Necklace For Mom—Infinity Baby Feet Name Necklace

Children's initial necklace for mom

You won’t be able to engrave birth date on this personalized necklace, but this one is much more beautiful and elegant. A perfect gift for the mom who is crazy to be beautiful. Also, the feet on the left is very cute just like a newborn baby.

Children’s Initial Necklace For Mom—Three Discs Engraved Necklace

children's initial necklace for mom

With three discs, you have much more options to design the name necklace. For the mom just got her first baby, you can inscribe the baby, dad and mom’s name on it. Besides, you can engrave babies’ initials on one disc, parents’ names on the other two discs or parents’ initials on the second disc and grandparents’ initials on the third disc. It is all up to you.

There are many other children’s initial necklace for mom online, as long as you spend enough time in searching you will get what you want. Sterling silver can also be made in the color of gold, if you don’t want to save your money.

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