Custom Gold Plated Necklace

Custom Gold Plated Necklace

Sterling silver is a rare but very affordable metal we use in jewelry making which loved by many people. When people prefer to wear a gold jewelry but don’t want to pay too much, they will choose gold plated jewelry: made with sterling silver and plating with gold on the surface. Custom gold plated necklace is one of the most hot selling gold plated jewelries. With gold on the surface, custom gold plated necklace will not turn black like sterling silver even get wet because your sweat so you don’t need to clean it again and again.

Custom Gold Plated Necklace--Nameplate Necklace

Custom Gold Plated Necklace

 Custom Gold Plated Necklace

 Custom Gold Plated Necklace

Carrie Name Necklace

Infinity Name Necklace

Crown Name Necklace

These is just tip of the iceberg, there are hundreds of different name necklaces with different meanings there online you can choose and personalize in the custom necklace online stores. If you are a creative man and have time, you can write or draw a signature yourself and add some small patterns you like on it then send the picture to a custom necklace online seller to produce it for you. But remember to confirm with the seller if your design can be turn into a necklace because if some parts are too thin will break very easily.

Custom Gold Plated Necklace--Engraved Necklace

 Custom Gold Plated Necklace

 Custom Gold Plated Necklace

 Custom Gold Plated Necklace

Bar Engraved Necklace

Baby Feet Engraved Necklace

Two Hearts Engraved Necklace

Compared to name necklace, engraved necklace has much more choices, you can cut a pendant in whatever shape you like and then engrave whatever you want on it. The bigger the pendant is, the more you can inscribe on it, if you do it in the right way, you can even write a poem on it. But word is not the only thing you can inscribe on engraved necklace, you can also engrave any picture or photo on it. Many people engrave the photo of his/her special moment on the necklace so that the necklace can last forever.

Not matter what kind of gold you use, 9K, 14K or 18K, you have three colors to choose: silver, yellow gold and rose gold.

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