Custom Made Name Necklaces

Custom Made Name Necklaces

Back to ten years ago, custom necklace was a synonym of luxury. At that time, if you want to make a custom necklace, you need to contact a jewelry artisan online or in local jewelry stores. Either way, you need to pay a lot for the artisan who works for you and the cost of materials. But now, there is a branch of custom necklace which people call customized necklace. It means you can customize your necklace base on certain necklaces. But the difference between custom and customize is very little as the technology promoting and most people can’t tell the different now.

Custom Made Name Necklaces--Carrie Name Plate Necklace

Carrie Name Plate Necklace

In fact, Carrie is a name of a famous person who brought name plate necklace into public and made it become a fashion. When personalize Carrie name plate necklace, you can choose the style you like and the font you prefer. But some font may make the name plate necklace very easy to break because the connect points are weak, so you better confirm with the font with the seller before you make a order. Besides if you have a short name like “Ray” or “Kate”, it would make your necklace very short or tiny you better add something else in to your necklace to make it long enough.

Custom Made Name Necklaces--Amy Style Name Plate Necklace

Amy Style Name Plate Necklace

Amy Style Name Plate Necklace

This is a update version of Carrie name plate necklace, it allows you add small pattern into your name necklace to make it more beautiful and unique. Basically, you can add anything you want to the necklace, but some pattern may be hard to modify and take more time to make. Some sellers may not willing to make it for you or would charge a little more money, when this happen, bargain with the seller.

Custom Made Name Necklaces--Natural Diamond Inlay Name Plate Necklace

Natural Diamond Inlay Name Plate Necklace

Natural Diamond Inlay Name Plate Necklace

When talking about jewelry, gems will always be mentioned. Even a small gem can make a great difference. As you can see, the small diamond inlay makes the pendant much more beautiful and elegant. It is also noble enough for a high class party or wedding. When customized a necklace, don’t forget to add a gem you like on it. A gem on a necklace will never let you down.

Custom Made Name Necklaces--Two Layers Name Plate Necklace

Two Layers Name Plate Necklace

For the layers fans, personalized necklace is also a very good option. You can design a layers necklace yourself or make a personalized necklace and add it to your collection. Name pendant can be a great collocation of many necklaces. Even you are not a fan of layers necklace before, you can try to separate your name into two layers and you will get what you can’t expect.

These necklaces I show you do not mean you can only make your necklace in one way at a time, they are the ways you can design your one-of-a-kind necklace. Most custom necklace online sellers offer all those way to personalize your necklace but they may not put them together so you will need to contact the customers service and talk to them. 

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