Designing And Customizing Jewels Will Be So Easy A Thing When You Meet The Yafeini

   Customizing jewels as a trend has been bubbling under for these years. More and more people found that the customized meaningful gifts can capture hearts easier. But when it comes to customizing, what will you think? Too complicated? Never mind. The Yafeini is just in handy for reducing your concerns.
  Simply put, designing is just to turn what you want into real jewels. Maybe it is hard for you to build a new necklace by your hands. But when you meet us, things will be simple. Usually there are 4 popular ways to choose.
  1. Name Customized necklace.


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   It is the simplest way, but never be a boring idea absolutely. The only thing you need to do is tell us what’s the name and then choose one font you like.
   Or if you want to add some subtler tone to your look, you can add some special signs to your name necklace, such as a crown, a musical note or any other symbol you want.


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  1. Engraved words and pattern you like on jewelries.

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  When words meet signs, you can express most of your emotions well. Like love, friendship and family affection. People will know what you want to say as soon as they saw the jewelry you customized.

  1. Print your photo on necklace. Or your dog's.


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  There are some much precious memories in your mind. Maybe you had captured those unique moments, but what if you put it on a necklace? You will always aftertaste the beautiful feelings when you wear it. It can be your first kiss, a funny moment with your friends and a family portrait.
  As a matter of course, if you like some archaistic and faded tone, you can choose to engrave the photos on. Still, except for the round shape, you can choose other pendants in different shape, like a heart shape or a square. And engraved words at the back is also available.

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4. Turn a real painting or graffiti into a jewelry.

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  You can try to draw your inspiration and update it on our website when you place your order. Whats more, your kids' graffiti works is also a good idea. When they saw the jewelry, they must be glad because you treasure their works.
  All the 4 ways are simple to operate for you. The only thing you should do is telling us what you want clearly and exactly. We will do the rest things for you.

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