Engraved Initial Necklace

Engraved Initial Necklace

Inscribing initial on necklace is not a new thing, people like to inscribe the recipient’s name or the first initial on the necklace to let the recipient know that the necklace is special for him/her. But now, engraved initial necklace has became a brand new branch of necklace and the initial is big in front of the necklace.

Engraved Initial Necklace--Initial Pendant

Engraved Initial Necklace

This is the first necklace with a big initial in front of the necklace, very simple but fashion. It is also the hippies’ favorite necklace, with yellow gold color and long chain, this necklace make them feel very cool and unique.

Engraved Initial Necklace--Bar Engraved Necklace

 Engraved Initial Necklace

Bar engraved necklace was brought to people’ eyes because Emma Watson. Emma Watson leads the fashion of thousands of young people, after she once worn a bar necklace with her name in the public, bar necklace became a fashion and thousands of people search online and customized their own.

Engraved Initial Necklace--Heart Bar Engraved Necklace

 Engraved Initial Necklace

This 2 name necklace is a must know necklace of every man, it is a great gift for any special day which will definitely move your love woman’s tear out. “We complete each other”, that’s what the necklace represents.

Engraved Initial Necklace--Page Engraved Necklace

 Engraved Initial Necklace

For the ones who want to make a necklace to be a reminder not just with his/her name on it, this is the best option. You can write a quote or whatever you want yourself to remember on a paper or on the computer then send a photo to the custom necklace online seller to make it for you.

Engraved Initial Necklace--Baby Feet Engraved Necklace

 Engraved Initial Necklace

The inspiration of this necklace is newborn baby’s feet and it was design to be a gift for the newborn mom so that she can carry her baby’s name on her chest to make her feel her baby is always with her. But now many girls who like cute things also like this necklace.

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