Gold Initial Pendant Necklace

Gold Initial Pendant Necklace

Pendant necklace has a very long history, just as human put things they got from the nature around their necks to make themselves look beautiful. And then people use metal, gem and any things they can get to make pendant necklace. And when people want to use pendant necklace to be a reminder of something special to them or show their personality, gold initial pendant necklace came up. And now people customize gold initial pendant necklace by themselves for different reasons. Some people personalize for themselves some personalize as a gift for others.

‘One in a million’ Gold Initial Pendant Necklace

This is the what the hippie love most these years, it makes hippie looks very cool and fashion. Besides, the one who want to get some luck to be rich or win in the gambling. “I am going to Las Vegas tonight, where is my lucky pendant necklace!!!” I heard that a lot from a friend who likes to go to Las Vegas for gambling.

Custom Gold Initial Pendant Necklace


If your prefer one-of-a-kind pendant necklace, this your best choice. You can engrave whatever you want on this customized necklace. You can inscribe one initial on it or multiple Initial on it and you can even ask the seller to engrave the initials in certain size and font. Don’t forget you can also inscribe letters on the back side.

Engraved Photo Gold Initial Pendant Necklace


The font of initial in the computer is limit, you can upload the words you write your own then upload the pic to the custom necklace online seller so the seller will engrave your pic on your necklace for you. In this way, you can show out your personality completely. In this way, you are really design your own necklace, it would be a very thoughtful gift.

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