How Many Kinds Personalized Necklaces Are There Online

How Many Kinds Personalized Necklaces Are There Online

Lauren Conrad, Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift and many other super models, singers and Hollywood stars are wearing personalized necklaces nowadays. But these personalized necklaces are not those with many gems or diamonds, these are simple and most of them with their names of them.

You may saw the news that Emma Watson wear a name necklace with her own name “Emma”. It was a gold necklace cutting in the shape of  “Emma”. Then soon, “Emma necklaces” became a popular necklace. In fact the personalized necklaces which you can write name on jewelry can be classified as follows:

  1. Cutting Name Necklaces

Cutting name necklaces are those you don’t need to write name on jewellery because themselves already in the shape of names. You can choose the font, design, style, color and material you want to make your cutting name necklaces. These personalized necklaces usually very simple but they are very beautiful and elegant, that’s the reason why so many idols wear such necklace these days. Some people don’t like make a necklace with their full name may like initials necklaces.

Cutting Name Necklaces

  1. Engraved Name Necklaces

Unlike cutting name necklaces, engraved name necklaces have certain shapes. The most common shapes are circle, disc, bar and heart. Normally engraved name necklaces have bigger surface than cutting name necklaces so you can not only inscribe your name on the necklaces but also engrave a short message like “love you” on the necklaces. To write name on jewellery, machine have as many fonts as jewelry artisan. Basically, machine can engrave anything on necklaces in any shape you want.

Engraved Necklace

  1. Color Photo Necklaces

You will not feel strange about this kind of necklace. Color photo necklaces have a very long history, people love to keep a photo of their lovers in the necklaces so that they can see them whenever they want. For example, most of the soldiers wear a necklace with their family photo or lover’s photo during the long term mission.

Color Photo Personalized Necklaces

  1. Engraved Photo Necklaces

If you like photo necklaces and often worry about the photo may fade, engraved photo necklaces would be your best choice. It may be hard and expensive to find a jewelry artisan who can write name on jewellery to engrave a photo on the necklaces, but it is very easy for a machine. After the artisan translate your photo into a way machine can read, the machine will engrave your photo on the necklaces accurately. This photo will never discolor or fade, you can wear the necklaces even in the shower.

Engraved Photo Personalized Necklaces

By the way, it is very easy to custom yourself a necklace online these days. You can make any kind of necklace you want to fit in any occasions.

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