How To Personalize A Satisfied Custom Made Gold Necklace

How To Personalize A Satisfied Custom Made Gold Necklace

In fact, custom is different from customized. Custom means you tell a jewelry artisan what you want to add on your jewelry(shape, meanings, gemstones...) then the artisan will design a jewelry according to your requirements. Customized means you can make limited changes base on certain jewelry, so customized jewelry is much cheaper than custom jewelry and the proceeding time is also much shorter. But as the technology grows, the definition of custom jewelry and customized jewelry is disappearing. To personalize a satisfied custom made gold necklace, all you need to do is send a picture of how you want your necklace to be, no need for CAD picture at all.

Step 1. Decide What Material You Want To Use

The material you used to make your custom made gold necklace will affect your budget directly. If you are planning to personalize a necklace for your special one and you want it to be expensive too, you can use gold otherwise sterling silver is the most common used material because many people are allergic to nickel and the cheap alloy often turns your skin green. If you really want a cheap but good quality personalized necklaces, copper is also a good material. And no matter material you want to use, you can use plating process to change the color and the surface’s color. For example, you can electroplate 14K gold on sterling silver then your necklace will look just like the real gold and 14K gold is more durable then sterling silver.

Step2. Decide What Meaning You Want The Necklace To Carry

This is the most important part of personalizing a custom made gold necklace, it will decide how your necklace will be like. For example, if you want a nameplate necklace for your teenage girl who just graduated from high school and is going to leave you for her college life. You not only want this necklace will make your baby girl look more beautiful and elegant but also want you baby girl to remember that she is always your little princess no matter what happens. You can choose a font you like from the internet or write her name yourself then add a crown above the name and you can even inlay a gemstone you like on the crown. Such a nameplate necklace will definitely move her tear out.

Custom Made Gold Necklace

Step3. Decide What Shape You Want The Necklace To Be

According to the meanings you want the custom made gold necklace to carry, you can choose the shape of the necklace: nameplate, round, bar, heart, infinity, disc and so on. And if you want to engrave words or sentence on the necklace, you can make a bigger size so that you can inscribe all you want on the necklace. Of course you can just choose a necklace from the custom necklace online sellers’ collections and change the names or words on the necklace if you don’t have much time.

Custom Made Gold Necklace

Step4. Ways To Make Your One-of-a-kind Necklace

To make sure your custom made gold necklace is a one-of-a-kind necklace, you can add charms or gemstone on it which is the easiest way. Besides, you can buy more necklaces to match your custom made gold necklace and wear them as layers necklace.

Custom Made Gold NecklaceCustom Made Gold Necklace

If you never personalize a necklace before and don’t know where to get a good quality customized necklace, you can try Yafeini Personalized Jewelry which you will never regret. Last but not least, free shipping can be very slow sometimes, you better pay extra money for the shipping so that you can receive it in time.

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