Mom Name Necklace

Mom Name Necklace

When was the last time you heard from your mom? Did you meet or call your mom on this year’s Mother’s Day? It’s true that people are getting busier and busier these days, but it is never an excuse not to contact your mom. Your mom is the one who gave you life and gives all her love to you without asking anything in return, all she really wants is that knowing you are fine. If you have no contacted your mom for a long time, get her a mom name necklace to tell her that she is always in you heart.

Mom Name Necklace--Heart Disc Engraved Necklace

 Mom Name Necklace

This is a very beautiful customized necklace, the heart is representing your love to your mom and how important she means to you while you and your brothers or sisters’ names on the disc represents you are surrounding her in other words you are with her. If you are the only kid of your mom, you can engrave some words you want to tell your mom on the disc, like “I love you” which will make the necklace much more thoughtful.

Mom Name Necklace--Graffiti Necklace

 Mom Name Necklace

If you still have your first graffiti of your family, you can find a custom necklace online seller to turn it into necklace for you. Graffiti necklace is a super meaningful gift which will remind your mom all the days she raised you and what’s most important is such a gift is telling your mom how grateful you are about her love. No matter how old you are, you are always you mom’s kid.

Mom Name Necklace--Discs Family Engraved Necklace

 Mom Name Necklace

You mom is the key to your family, inscribing your mom’s name on the middle disc means she connect you and you dad. Your father’s name on the outside disc means he always support and protect the family. This mom name necklace is the most meaningful one and you can get one for each of your family member.

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