Necklaces With Names On Them

Necklaces With Names On Them

From the beginning, people engrave name on the jewelry like necklace, bracelet and ring because people want the recipient to know that the jewelry is special for he/she. During this period, name usually inscribe on the back side of the jewelry so that it won’t affect the appearance of the jewelry. But as time goes by, people now pay more attention to themselves and their personalities, people enjoy wearing necklaces with names on them that people can see to show their personalities. Name is the key part of these necklaces, some in the shape of names, some with names engraved on the front.

Necklaces With Names On Them--Nameplate Necklace

 Necklaces With Names On Them

 Necklaces With Names On Them

 Necklaces With Names On Them

Carrie Nameplate Necklace

Crown Nameplate Necklace

Heart Layers Necklace

Nameplate necklace is the newest and oldest name necklaces, because people have engraved name on necklace for a very long time, but nameplate necklace is the first type of necklace made with name as the main part. It has been more then 20 years after Carrie name necklace appeared in the TV shows <Sexy And The City>, after that, necklaces with names on them became a new branch of jewelry. Now nameplate necklace has many different designs, people add more elements in it to make it more meaningful and unique.

Necklaces With Names On Them--Engraved Necklace

 Necklaces With Names On Them

 Necklaces With Names On Them

 Necklaces With Names On Them

Bar Engraved Necklace

2 Bars Engraved Necklace

2 Hearts Engraved Necklace

Compared with nameplate necklace, engraved necklace was much cheaper and easier to make in the old time when people had no machine to cut a piece of metal into the shape we want quickly and precisely. Engraved necklace has a bigger surface so you can inscribe more words on the necklace, you can even get your quote on it if your quote is not too long, people are more willing to make engraved necklaces as a reminder of special memory.

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