Nobody Will Refuse A Customized Necklace For Her Kids, When She Is A Mother

Nobody Will Refuse A Customized Necklace For Her Kids, When She Is A Mother

Nobody Will Refuse A Jewelry About Her Kids, When She Is A Mother

  If someone asked me what is the greatest feelings in the world, I will say the maternal love with no hesitate. When a baby was pregnant in the uterus, something which is magical is occured. 

  It is no exaggeration to say, you can never know exactly what is the maternal love until you became a mother.

I bet most of mothers keep the first fingerprints and footprints of their babies when they were born, just like what I did. At the same time, Those precious and unique moments are recorded by words or photos as well, like the first writing and the first graffiti.

We treasure those things very much. Even a diamond jewelry can not be compared. So why not to turn them into a real jewelry in this Autumn? Here are some good works which you can refer to.


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  You can ask us to engrave the fingerprint or the footprint of your baby on a necklace pendant. At the same time, we can engrave the name and birthday for you.

 The other way is to print your picture with your children on the necklace.



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 Or engrave the picture on by carving techniques.



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These two kinds of family photo necklace will remind you of those happy moments all the time when you wear them. What’s more, your children will know how much you love them.

Except for the fingerprints, footprints and photos, there is another funny and creative way to customize your jewelry about your kids. If you have keep your children’s first drawing or writing, why not to immortalize them?


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You can tell your children that you treasure their works and their art is precious and unique by doing this. What’s more, these pendant is statement and stylish.

Those cute trace will create timeless memories. When your children is grown up, It would be funny when you show them the necklaces and talk about those happy memories with them.

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