Puzzle Pieces A Funny Way To Give Your Personalized Jewelry

Personalized jewelry is very popular because it is not only a easy way to make a one-of-a-kind jewelry but also a great way to make a thoughtful gift which can save your time and money. But handing the gift to the recipient directly could be very bored sometimes, so I often hide the gift in a place first then write a clue down and cut the clue into puzzle pieces. Besides, the way you give a gift is also a way to show how much attention you pay on it.

To make puzzle pieces, you can draw a picture or just print one. The picture or photo can be a clue to where you hide the gift or a riddle to solve. The difficulty of it is depending on who you are going to give the gift to: for your kids, you should make the clue or riddle much more easier to solve and much more easier to put the puzzle back together otherwise they may be upset if they can’t get it; for adults, you can make it more difficult and make the puzzle more complex.

Puzzle Pieces A Funny Way To Give Your Personalized Jewelry

If you have enough time, you overlay the clue or riddle you make below puzzle and cut it out for them which is also very complicate for you. For me, I prefer to cut them into pieces randomly with scissors and don’t forget to get a beautiful gift box to put the puzzle in it. Earn your present yourself will make the gift much more unforgettable. And seeing a beautiful personalized jewelry after all the you solve all the problems will just make you feel like seeing the beautiful scene after you finally get to the top of a hill.

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