Scavenger Hunt - A Creative Way To Give A Gift

Scavenger Hunt - A Creative Way To Give A Gift

Finding a gift and giving a gift can be a burden sometimes especially when you think it is a need not what you want. In my opinion, everyone you need to give a gift is special in your life, and I prefer to give a gift in a creative way which can show the recipient how much effort I made and also bring myself a lot of fun. Scavenger hunt is one of my favorite way to give a gift.

Rather than handing over a present-wrapped box, I give my friend, kids or partner a clue that help them to find where the gift is. If the recipient is very very clever, build it a full-scale scavenger hunt which need to figure out the clue leads one to another. You can use whatever you want to make the clues which mean you can use riddles or even inside jokes that only known by you two. Pay attention, this is the most interesting and important part. On the one hand, you can make fun of it by setting trap. On the other hand, you can use the important moment that you think he/she already forgot, if they did forget they will feel sorry and shame which you can use to get something you want later. I use this way to got my wife many times, I use most of them to be a real King at the weekends and change for the computer games I want to by for a long time.

Scavenger Hunt - A Creative Way To Give A Gift

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