Statement Necklaces—Get A Necklace With Your Name On It

Get a necklace with your name on it today not only shows your identity but also carrys some special meanings. People make statement necklaces as reminder of something or someone important to them. To do this, you can get a necklace with your name on it and engrave a date, message or picture on it.

Get A Necklace With Your Name On It—Name Plate Statement Necklaces

name plate necklace

You can customize name plate necklace long time ago, but it has been affordable and popular for a few years thanks to the laser cutting machine. It is very difficult for a man to cut the metal into someone’s name especially in some special font, so it is very expensive. Laser cutting machine can cut metal very fast and accurately, that’s why you can personalize a name plate necklace at the price from $30.

Get A Necklace With Your Name On It—Engraved Statement Necklaces

custom name necklace

If you want to carry a message on you necklace, engraved necklace is better than name plate necklace. Engraved necklace have many different shapes since people keep designing new ones and most of them have a big surface so that you can engrave many words on them. Date, quote and love message, you can engrave whatever you want on engraved necklace and make it meaningful.

Get A Necklace With Your Name On It—Engraved Photo Statement Necklaces

Engraved Necklace

Photo has stronger power than words, if you think engraved necklace can not match your desire, engraved photo necklace will be a perfect option for you. You can engrave a photo on your necklace which will never fade away.

Get A Necklace With Your Name On It—Color Photo Statement Necklace

statement necklaces

Seal the sweet or happy moment with photo is a habit for most people. Besides locket, you can make a statement necklace with color photo which use glass or special glue to seal the photo on the front of the necklace and engrave a date or message on the back.

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