The Fake Out-A Fun Way To Give A Gift

The Fake Out-A Fun Way To Give A Gift

In today’s life, you may need to give out hundreds of gifts out every year. If you lost the fun of giving out a gift it could become a huge burden of you life. How to give out a gift can be an art. The way you give a gift can determine whether you can surprise someone or not, and also it can bring great fun and joy to yourself too.

It can be super boring to be given a wine-bottle-shaped gift that turns out to be just that. So why not add a little bit of your creativity to the packing and make your present look like something totally different? Unpredictable is the key of surprise, this way is the same as you pretend that you forget your Anniversary Day no matter how hard your wife try to imply you and then suddenly show her a gift when she upset. But never giving someone a pair of socks by giving them a box of flat-screen TV, this is very mean.

To fake out your gift, you can buy something like the food or snack the recipient like then hide your gift in it. For example, I bought a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolate and I put a name necklace in one of them after I ate the chocolate, of course I made just like other and put it back on V Day this year. When my wife got the gift, she was very upset and started eating the chocolate(she likes to eat when she is upset). After she picked up the third one, she was shocked why this one is so light and open it fast, she gave me a big kiss after she found out the name necklace I personalized for her in it.

You can find some fake gift boxes online but I don’t like them, because they may be fun but they can never surprise someone. I prefer to hide the real gift in something the recipient like.

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