The Layering-up Genius----A Stylish Personalized Name Necklace

The Layering-up Genius----A Stylish Personalized Name Necklace

  When I was young, I used to love playing dress up, especially when I was over at my mother’s house. I have such vivid memories of going through her drawers of jewels, picking up the necklaces and bracelets in all types and sizes and then wearing them all together. My mom would break into smiling each time when she had caught sight of the bejeweled but clownish me.

  I think most girls share a similar experience with me. We were funny in moms’ eyes as our “too much” look. But now, our times have come. 

  Over the years, layering jewels up become a sign of fashion and a different jewelry art. In this trend, a piece of simple name necklace is widely used as its versatile in layering up.

  You can express a lovely and mild look by wearing your name necklace with a piece of heart pendant necklace. It is also the best way to show off your love with your boyfriend when the name on your neck is his.


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  If you prefer a statement jewelry, a name necklace can also help you easily. Just add a monogram necklace in. This is a meaningful combination for sure. You can customize both the name and the monogram. Three letters are available on the monogram charm.


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  In addition to this, a simple name bar necklace layering up with a disc pendant is as popular as the two combinations above as young ladies always like stylish and unique jewelry. Less is more, right?   


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  In conclusion, stackable necklaces can be layered for a unique style and we see the talent of a name necklace in stacking clearly. But except for its genius in layering up, slipping a name necklace on alone is also your best choice to complete your daily look.

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