The Simplest DIY Necklace

The Simplest DIY Necklace

Creativity is human being’s native desire and impulse not just a ability. Sometimes, you just want to create something yourself and sometimes you just think you can do something better so you want to do it yourself.

For myself design it yourself is the most impossible part of DIY necklace, I got a strong desire to turn the thing in my mind into reality, no matter if I can make it or not. Why I mention the simplest DIY necklace is because I found a very easy and affordable way to turn my design into a real necklace which all I need to do is picture my design on a paper.

The Simplest DIY Necklace

This is the first DIY necklace designed by myself but made by custom necklace online seller. I made this last year when I was trying to make a necklace for my boyfriend for his birthday, I want my boyfriend to remember how much I love him whenever he looks on the necklace I give him but I don’t think a man would be willing to wear a necklace with tons of love words.

One day when I was shopping in Walmart, after I looked at the milk box’s QR code, I searched online to find how to turn words into QR words and draw the design of this necklace with computer.  

 The Simplest DIY Necklace

This is a series of number which is very important to us and only we know what it means. But I have no way to engrave things like this on a metal bar even I can find a suitable metal bar for this.

Then I contacted a custom necklace online seller to see if he can make this for me because I believed that making such a necklace will be extremely easy and the answer is yes.

It only costed me $9.9(included shipping) and it came to my mail box a week after I paid. It was very well made and my boyfriend never takes it off since he put it on. You can choose any material you like but I choose copper because man always gets wet.

And the seller also told that the personalized necklaces he runs is to help people design and build necklaces they like and want but most people didn’t notice that and just choose from his collections.

Don’t restrict yourself when you try to make DIY necklace, design it your own in the way you like and leave the building work for the custom necklace online seller.

The following are the necklaces I design or you can say personalize, I really get addicted to DIY necklace now, I enjoy turn my mind into reality and it is so affordable.

The Simplest DIY Necklace








Personalized Now:

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