Top 5 Jewels In The Sales Rankings In The Last 6 Months

Top 5 Jewels In The Sales Rankings In The Last 6 Months

Aug 5, 2019. 5:00 PM


Jewels are necessities for girls to some extent like cosmetics and handbags do. They are not only adorable things which make their daily looks more eye-catching but also a way to show off girls’ unique style. They become a symbol like a hairstyle, nails, or tattoo. I guess that’s the reason why girls are always on their way to buy new jewels.

Thanks to all the customer’s trust, we’ve already sold out more than 60 thousands of pieces of jewels out in the past six months. Among all of the hundreds of styles jewelry on our website, some of them seem to be more popular in customers and captured more likes. Here I am introducing the top 5 stars. I hope it will do some help when you are agonizing over which one to buy.


Top 5: The simple name engraved Roman Number ring. 

It’s a simple type of ring which has no stones or some other shiny embellishments on around. But it is far from boring. On the contrary, it is rather popular in young girls these days. You can engrave your important date on it, maybe your first kiss date, your birthday, or the day you graduated from your university, etc.

It can be a normal birthday gift for a girl. Not too exaggerate to making your girl be troubled and consider if it is a proposal ring. It is also suitable to be stacked.

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Top 4: The Large Symmetrical Initial Necklace 

This initial necklace is famous among buyers with its easy-matching this year. It can almost match all the styles of outfits, whether casual T-shirts and jeans or a piece of elegant dress. The askew hung letter adds some naughty sense to the necklace and makes it be cuter on your neck.


Top 3: The bar engraved bracelet with heart

This is a new sales star that rose up this year. It’s a boyfriend style bracelet to some extent. Not too girlish and won’t be too wild on your wrist. With a small cute heart hollowed beside the name, the sense of romantic is added on it. Even when it is on the 3rd position on the sales ranking, I have to say it must be the best choice when you want to show off your sweet love with your loved one. It speaks enough but not too intentional. Everything is just right. It is suitable for both females and males.

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Top 2: The engraved bar necklace

It’s the third time for this bar necklace to take a seat on the sale rankings since 2018 when we just started to launch the rankings termly. Obviously, it is a basic style that easy to capture girls' hearts. They can engrave almost everything they want on the bar and the available characters are more than other styles necklaces, like nameplate necklaces or heart necklaces. So you will have more choices on what to engrave. Generally speaking, girls are most likely to engrave names, dates, and aphorism or romantic oaths on it.  It’s another good choice of couple jewels besides the heart hollowed bracelet.

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Top 1: The "Sophie" Style Copper/ 925 Sterling Silver Personalized Name Necklace

It’s the champion, again with no suspense. Nobody knows how girls like the nameplate necklaces. It seems that every girl owns a piece of nameplate necklace in their jewelry box. It is needless to explain why it is so popular. Nobody will refuse a piece of a necklace that says his(her) own name or his(her) loved one’s name. A nameplate necklace is born to be stack. You can create lots of different styles with a name necklaces.

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So those are the top 5. You can refer to it before you place your order. But the one who knows what you really like and really need is you, yourself. Nobody can make the choice for you.

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