Why i received my order so fast from The United States?

Why i received my order so fast from The United States?

  1. What is average handle time of the personalized jewelry in yafeini

In the traditional personalized jewelry making, people rely on hand-made jewelry, with the oldest saw and carving knife to slowly operate, afraid to make mistakes and redo, the products produced are rough and not aesthetic, and only Can achieve limited personalization, production time of up to 7-10 days, it is not good for customer experience. Now YAFEINI has realized machine automation, we design and manufacture products with laser machine and 3D printer. The processing time is only 1-3 days, which has reached full personalization, including the name or photo necklaces , medal coins, 3D character accessories and so on. We can produce nearly 9,000 pieces personalized jewelry in a day, which greatly reduces production costs and shortens production time, making it easy for buyers to obtain high-quality and low-priced personalized accessories.

  1. Where to ship the item and what is the shipping time?

Currently, we have set up two delivery points in guangzhou, China and CA, USA,The shipping time will takes 4-8 days for American customers , and 10-15 days for other countries.In order to achieve more localization services, we will gradually set up branches in major countries.

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