How to order or design personalized jewelry?

How to order or design personalized jewelry?

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The following is a graphic introduction:

Step 1

Search the personalized jewelry or visit them by category.


Step 2

Choose the style you like and then design it by yourself.

A.choose the jewelry metal and chain style.

B.Upload your favorite pictures.

C.Adjust the picture so as to achieve the best display effect.

D.Engrave your words or name and then complete the desgin and click to add to cart.


Step 3

View cart and click the Checkout button


Step 4

Fill in shipping address information or login with your facebook,google or amazon account.


Step 5

When you login with facebook or google or amazon,your address will automatic import into our system.


Step 6

Choose the shipping method.


Step 7

Add discount code and pay with Credit card,Paypal or Apply pay.




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