Necklace With Name On It Gold

Necklace With Name On It Gold

Necklace has a very long history if you look deep into it. At the beginning, people hanged things on necks just because they could reach the things they want very easily. But as the human society moved forward, people start to wear things on necks for good looking. In order to show their identity, people even engrave their names on the necklaces. With the technology’s evolution, people start to make necklace into their names’ shape which we call name plate necklace or script name necklace these days. Cut or inscribe, these are the way to get a necklace with name on it.

Necklace With Name On It Gold—Infinity Name necklace

Infinity name necklace gold

As you can see, there are two parts you can make them with your name or other words. Some people put their first name and last name on it while some people put their first name and their lover’s first name on it. But the length of the words is limited, you can only put 10 chars on each part. If you have a very long name, you need to think twice before you make a order.

Necklace With Name On It Gold—Carrie Name necklace

Carrie Name Necklace gold

Carrie name necklace is the most common and popular name plate necklace, known by everyone because the celebrity who names Carrie. It is simple but very beautiful and elegant fits in almost all occasions. But what most people don’t know is that you can also add some small pattern on it like a small heart which will make your customized necklace more special.

Necklace With Name On It Gold—Bar Name necklace

Bar Name necklace gold

Bar engraved name necklace is one of the most popular engraved necklace. Unlike most of other customized necklaces, this one fits in both male and female. Bar engraved name necklace can make a female very beautiful and elegant, can be wear in all occasions. And when a man wears bar engraved name necklace, it would make the man cool and fashion, hippies love this necklace very much.

Necklace With Name On It Gold—Two Heart Name necklace

Two heart name necklace gold

Heart is a symbol of love all over the world, no matter what color of your skin and what language you say. And two heart cross together means two people in love. This necklace is a perfect gift for girlfriend and wife on any special days. Except from names, you can also engraved date or other words of the special moment of you. You can wear it in your wedding if you want, it is much more meaningful than a necklace with gems.

Necklace With Name On It Gold—Baby Feet Name necklace

Baby feet name necklace gold

Baby feet name necklace is the best gift to a mom who has a newborn baby, by inscribe name and a small heart on one foot and birth date on the other foot. All moms are happy to carry their baby on their chest near their heart. But it is also a great gift for the girls who love cut thing. It would make them look more young and energetic.

There are hundreds of name necklace online these days, but I like these five most. Because they meet all my needs, every time I give these necklaces to others, the people who get them will be super surprise and happy.

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