Name Bar Necklace White Gold

Name Bar Necklace White Gold

Name bar necklace is one of the most popular personalized necklaces since 2015 and still now. Both men and women can wear this name necklace. It can not only make female look more beautiful and elegant but also make male cool and fashion. Besides this customized necklace can carry more words than normal name necklace like name plate necklace which means you can make it much more thoughtful and meaningful. If you are looking for a thoughtful gift for friends, mothers, girlfriend, wife or anyone you love, this necklace is your best choice. As the market of name bar necklace is getting bigger and bigger, there are many types of bar necklaces now.

Name Bar Necklace White Gold--Horizontal Bar Engraved Necklace

 Horizontal Bar Engraved Necklace

This is the first name bar necklace loved by many people now, even Hollywood super stars like Emma Watson got one. Emma Watson worn her bar engraved necklace in public and drive thousands of young people to buy this personalized necklace since Emma Watson is a lead of fashion.

Name Bar Necklace White Gold--Vertical Bar Engraved Necklace


Compare with the horizontal bar engraved necklace, this is much more like a name pendant necklace. For the one who love pendant necklace this customized necklace their favorite.

Name Bar Necklace White Gold--Double Bar Engraved Necklace


Love is a theme for everything, this necklace is design for the one who are searching a personalized necklace for their lovers in any occasions. Only two bars come together can the heart be complete represents that only two souls come close can the soul be complete and that’s what is love means.

Name Bar Necklace White Gold--Natural Diamond Inlay Bar Engraved Necklace


Gems are always the best partner of jewelry, even a very small gem can make a jewelry looks much more charming and beautiful. A 0.02CT natural diamond inlay on the necklace is like The fishing touch make the name necklace looks more noble and beautiful.

Some custom necklace online stores offer DIY service, you can contact their customers service to see if they can produce the necklace you design yourself, if you really want a one-of-a-kind name necklace for your special one.

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