Top 5 Custom Mens Necklace In 2018

Top 5 Custom Mens Necklace In 2018

Wearing jewelry is not female’s only right ever, with suitable jewelry men can also be much more charming. There are many personalized necklaces for men for different purposes. To make you look cool, to make you look rich, to make you look handsome, to make you look young, to make you look energetic, to make you look sexy and so on. For different purposes and personal tastes you can find different styles online or design your own necklace. I am going to show you the top 5 custom mens necklace in 2018.

Top 5 Custom Mens Necklace In 2018--Blade Engraved Necklace

 Blade Engraved Necklace

This is the most popular customized necklace among teenagers these days, the design of blade will make the wearer look more cool and young and that’s the reason why it is so hot. Besides, it is also a very good conversation starter especially when you meet some strangers which is very good for those who always use online apps to communicate with others and don’t know how to talk with people face to face. If you want to be the most famous guy in a party, get this.

Top 5 Custom Mens Necklace In 2018--Basketball Engraved Pendant Necklace

 Basketball Engraved Pendant Necklace

For the basketball lovers, this is the greatest gift you can ever find and some basketball teams use this to make their team symbol which can increase unity of the team by generate the sense of belonging. It is also a great gift for the ones who already leave their teams, it can be a very good reminder to remind you that you are once a important part of your team and what’s your glory number.

Top 5 Custom Mens Necklace In 2018--Bar Engraved Necklace

 Bar Engraved Necklace

If you are a fan of hippie, you must had seen this before. This bar engraved necklace is super hot among hippie because it fits the hippie style very much and make the wearer super cool. Sooner or later, it will become the symbol of hippie like cap and big gold necklace.

Top 5 Custom Mens Necklace In 2018--Million Pendant Engraved Necklace

 Million Pendant Engraved Necklace

Million pendant engraved necklace was designed for the ones who want some luck to get rich. If you have ever been to Las Vegas, this necklace won’t be strange for you. Some many people go to Las Vegas with this necklace and hope that the necklace will bring luck to them so that they can win a lot and get rich. But besides of hoping to get rich, this is a very cool necklace at the same time. It is fond by hippies just like bar engraved necklace.

Top 5 Custom Mens Necklace In 2018--Carrie Name Necklace

 Carrie Name Necklace

Carrie name necklace is a necklace comes form serials “Sexy And The City”, it was a feminine nameplate necklace before but now is both suitable for both male and female now. Male would like to wear a necklace with their own name while female prefer to wear a necklace with their love one’s name. And it is a very great gift idea for your friends or relatives.

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