Gold Initial Disc Necklace

Gold Initial Disc Necklace

There are hundreds of different styles, shapes initial necklaces online because different people have different hobbies: some people like cute thing while some people want to be mature; someones like round shape, someones like triangle shape, someones like rectangle shape and so on. These are also the main reasons why so many people like personalized necklaces right now, people can get what they really like and it is easy to make a one-of-a-kind initial necklace to show your personality. Following are the gold initial disc necklace you may like.

Gold Initial Disc Necklace--Single Disc Initial Necklace

Gold Initial Disc Necklace

This necklace is the simplest initial necklace, with only one disc and a name on it, no any charm or pattern. But it is still very beautiful, a perfect option for the ones who is minimalist and like disc.

Gold Initial Disc Necklace--Double Discs Initial Necklace For Men

 Gold Initial Disc Necklace

If you are looking for a initial disc necklace for a man, this is your best choice. Unlike most personalized necklaces, this one is not feminine at all and you can still engrave both you and his name on the necklace. When he is outside without you, people will know he already has a woman.

Gold Initial Disc Necklace--Double Discs Initial Necklace For Women

 Gold Initial Disc Necklace

The most romantic thing about love is be with you, this is the purpose of this necklace. Unlike the one above, this one is special for female which much more feminine and beautiful. Two discs cross together represents two hearts join together after two people fell in love with each other, it is a very great wish.

Gold Initial Disc Necklace--Triple Discs Initial Necklace

 Gold Initial Disc Necklace

This necklace is special for the women who have family. Normally, her husband’s name will be engraved on the outside disc, her name on the middle disc and her kids’ names on the inside disc because women is always the key to a family. Besides, you can also customize this necklace for your grandma by engraving her and your grandpa’s names on the inside disc, you and your spouse’s names on the middle disc and your kids’ names on the outside disc. In this way it represents your family tree.

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