How To Make A One-of-a-kind Personalized Jewelry--(1)

How To Make A One-of-a-kind Personalized Jewelry--(1)

Personalized jewelry is very hot since it can show out the wearer's personality and most of the personalized jewelry are one-of-a-kind jewelry. But as more and more people to buy personalized jewelry to catch up with the fashion or give as a gift, it is hard to make a real one-of-a-kind jewelry now. You can't just upload some words and photo then get a jewelry with unique design for 20-30 dollars like before. It takes time to think and design the jewelry your own, but you don't have to draw a CAD picture. All you need to do is upload a picture of photo of your design to the custom jewelry online stores, they can cut and engrave anything you want. For the one who are not good at designing jewelry, I have some tips for you to customize your own jewelry in a short time.

Personalized necklaces, personalized charms earrings and personalized charms bracelets are the most common customized jewelries because they are easy to customized and let's take personalized necklaces for example.

Jigsaw--Great Idea To Customized Your Jewelry



As you can see, you can almost make everything into jigsaw. Heart jigsaw, yin and yang jigsaw for couples; Small girl jigsaw for mother and daughter; Batman jigsaw for best friends or brothers. Besides, you can just turn these jigsaws into earrings and wear them or get a bracelet stoper to turn them into bracelets, it is up to you.

To make a jigsaw customized jewelry, you just need to upload the picture or photo of your design and tell the jewelry online stores the way you want your jewelry to be cut and you can ask them to make some modify for you if your drawing is bad, don't be shy. Communicating with the sellers is also a important part to make a satisfied one-of-a-kind jewelry.

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